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Independent Filmmaker, Gina Carey Makes Cinematic Black History in Palm Springs California

AGE TO AGE written  by:Veronica Ogunbolarin All through the era and genre, history is made continuously in the American movie industry, Hollywood – The oldest film industry where several styles of movies and production companies emerged. Several prominent actors, directors, editors, and filmmakers have come up to hold the mandate and will to create the perfect atmosphere during the period of movie production.   Every one of these people has their roles to play for the successful completion of any movie from the Storywriter to the Director and then the Actors. Let’s not forget the Cameramen and Editors too; they are all essential parts of the process. Despite each cast and crew have their specific roles to play during movie productions, some people have two or more job descriptions such as the filmmakers- In layman’s terms; anyone who can tell a story with a camera. However, don’t we all have a story to tell? It is how we show them that determine people’s reactions, whet

Gina Carey, Palm Springs, CA First Female African American Filmmaker

Article by: Joyce Writings GinaCarey is a multi-talented and successful African American Filmmaker based in Palm Springs which is located in Coachella Valley, California. Having lived and worked in Palm Springs, Coachella for eight years, she is unarguably the first African American woman in the Filmmaking industry in Palm Spring. She is known for movie productions like Acts of Kindness , Rose England , The Assumptions, Aspire to Inspire and a couple of other movies which air on Amazon Prime, Youtube, Vimeo and her official website, . Before Gina began Filmmaking GinaCarey started out as a recording artist in 1996, with three of her singles at number one on the UK charts. Her first number one hit was in 1996 with two of her singles and 2011 with a single. She has had over 12 musical albums so far. Gina’s activity in Coachella Gina’s success isn’t overnight. Since 1996, Gina has had a progressive career which has earned her a couple of aw