Gina Carey, Palm Springs, CA First Female African American Filmmaker

Article by: Joyce Writings

GinaCarey is a multi-talented and successful African American Filmmaker based in Palm Springs which is located in Coachella Valley, California. Having lived and worked in Palm Springs, Coachella for eight years, she is unarguably the first African American woman in the Filmmaking industry in Palm Spring. She is known for movie productions like Acts of Kindness, Rose England, The Assumptions, Aspire to Inspire and a couple of other movies which air on Amazon Prime, Youtube, Vimeo and her official website,

Before Gina began Filmmaking
GinaCarey started out as a recording artist in 1996, with three of her singles at number one on the UK charts. Her first number one hit was in 1996 with two of her singles and 2011 with a single. She has had over 12 musical albums so far.

Gina’s activity in Coachella
Gina’s success isn’t overnight. Since 1996, Gina has had a progressive career which has earned her a couple of awards. A few of the awards she has received are Black music award for best gospel artist, in 2012, the Rising Stars of the Desert “Best Jazz Music Artist Award, Best Single by the GHP Virtual Music Awards and in 2015, she won the Coachella Valley Music Award (CVMA) as the “Best Contemporary Artist".
Recent recognitions received were in 2016. These include Coachella Valley Music Award’s nominations for “Best Unsigned Album” (Can You Dig it), Best Contemporary Artist / Band & Best Female Vocalist and on May 22, 210 Gina won for the 2nd year in a row the 2016 “Best Contemporary Artist" Award. On August 31, 2016 Gina was selected to receive honors for being one of the Most Influential and Interesting Women in the Coachella Valley by Coachella Valley Weekly. There were only 12 woman and 12 men chosen and Gina Carey was 1 of the 12 women chosen. She is indeed influential. 

Gina has also written, directed & produced 3 Christian stage plays (The Ripple Effect (2003), What Would You Do (2009), and The Spirit Killer (2015).
In addition to Gina’s achievements in Coachella Valley, she is recognised as the first female African American Filmmaker in Coachella Valley. This is undoubted as the Coachella Valley Independent filmmakers and actor’s network was sponsored by her companies: Gico Music and Gina Carey Films.

Asides the fact that she is one of the women pioneers in cinema in Coachella Valley, she continuously contributes to the industry by sponsoring events and producing awesome movies. Her filmography includes: “The Unexpected the Movie” (Feature Film, February 2016), “Aspire to Inspire” (Documentary, June 2016) and “The Assumptions” (Feature Film, February 27, 2017) all written, produced, edited, directed and filmed by Gina Carey. More works can be found on her YouTube Channel, Vimeo and official website,
Despite the evident challenges women encounter in the film industry which is dominated by males, Gina has shown true and remarkable determination and has made it to become the first African American female in Coachella Valley and Palm Springs where she resides.

Gina as a Writer
In 2014, Gina wrote and published her book titled “The Unexpected” with an audiobook version. The book received more than 800 downloads in its first month. She is indeed talented.

Gina Carey’s success as the first African American female to have a successful career as a filmmaker in Coachella Valley can be attributed to her hard work and this has made her a quintessential and notable entity in Coachella Valley. She remains one of the best in Coachella Valley.


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